Sponsor program

Sponsor program Irmakunda Swimming Academy

On October the 22nd 2018 the first lesson started for the sponsor children brought by Irmakunda Fund Gambia.

The group exists of 15 children and they will have the opportunity to follow the full program until they are qualified to swim safely. The duration depends on their adaption and ability and is different for every individual.
The instructor Kadere will teach them and decide when they are ready for the final swimming test during a special ceremony after which they will receive their certificate.When a child leaves the class because the lessons are completed another child on the waiting list will be entered to follow the program again.The class of 15 will be continuous in this way.

Other organisations or sponsors that are interested in supporting children in swimming lessons are welcome to participate in the Sponsor Program of the Irmakunda Swimming Academy.The lessons for this sponsor class are twice a week and the price is 50% discount from the regular prices.


PLEASE WRITE TO stichting.irmakunda@xs4all.nl