Irmakunda Swimming Academy

Irmakunda Swimming Academy

The vision and the aim of the Irmakunda Swimming Academy is to give attention to the need and benefits of swimming and exercise in water.
Swimming lessons and the aqua fitness training are given for several reasons, namely :
– To prevent the people from drowning.

– As an healthy fitness exercise even if you can’t swim.

– To prevent immobilisation problems caused by sickness or older age.

– It helps to lose weight and supports a diet.

The program of the Academy is organized by Abdel Kadere. He is a professional swimmer and instructor.Abdel has all the  certificates and qualifications necessary to conduct basic and advanced lessons to both children and adults.He shows a real passion in his work and connects to his students very well.

The Irmakunda Fund Gambia is happy to have a good cooperation with Abdel. We are also grateful to have formed a partnership with Elite Fitness Club which makes these activities possible.