Irmakunda Fund Gambia

?? Onze stichting is actief sinds 2002 en heeft als doel op non-profit basis te zorgen voor relevante informatie, diensten en producten die de levens van de mensen in ontwikkelingslanden zoals Gambia bevorderen.

Projecten :

??Irmakunda Fund Gambia has contributed to improve lifes of people by sharing  knowledge and means in the fields of education and health in the past decades.


With the founding of the Life and Health Centre we will offer more people medical care to prevent diseases with newr. methods and treatments.

With the Irmakunda Swimming Academy we will continue to make entering the sea and rivers safe for everyone.

With the distributing of the water filters we will give every houshold clean and pure drinking water.

Your support is important and necessary for the Irmakunda Fund Gambia to realise our ambitions.                     

Thank you so much for your donation.

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