Tulip Water Filters

The Irmakunda Water Project

It’s  a combination of advanced technology and simple design!

Distributing sustainable, orginal Tulip water filters, developed by a Dutch professor and awarded by the World Health Organisation. We fix them professionally on the spot in locally purchased qualified and tested buckets.

We have chosen to obtain the buckets for the filter locally, as this stimulates the local economy and cooperation. It also reduces our ecological footprint by reducing transport weight. 

According to UNICEF, only one third of households in Gambia people have access to safe drinking water.

Large scale water, sanitation and hygiene projects, pumps and wells, often do not supply healthy drinking water in houses specifically, because people often still have to walk many miles for a bucket of drinking water which risks contamination of the water on the way and badly affects the water they will drink!

Water that has not been purified can cause life threatening diseases such as cholera as well as severe diarrhea especially dangerous for children.

The solution is a sustainable, long lasting Tulip Water Filter with tap which will be placed and refilled inside every house and filter the bucket water to clean pure drinking water.

The filter itself can clean up to 7000L of polluted water before it is exhausted, which comes down to almost two litres a day (per person) for a six person household for one and a half year. To replace the filter is very simple and cheap from our Irmakunda Life Center.

It is our ambition and goal to continue distributing as many of these filters as possible among communities that have little access to clean drinking water.

What can you do to help?

Of course, your donations are what makes our work possible and are always more than welcome but also for  this project specifically, we have thought of an alternative way to distribute the free filters to the needed and realise better access to clean drinking water.

We are working a system in which four purchased Tulip Water Filters make it possible to give one filter away. 

When you are in the Gambia, instead of buying your stock of drinking water in heavy plastic bottles, you could purchase a Tulip Water Filter. This way, you will constantly have clean water at you disposal, save plastic and best of all, your purchase helps realize to give free filters to the communities.


If you desire your water to be cooled, you can put the water from the filters in your own drinking bottles and cool these.

After you have filled the 10 liter top bucket, filtering immediately starts and after a few minutes the clean  water will appear in the down bucket with tap. 

It will run continuously, only by refilling with non-drinking water so your drinking habits require a little bit of planning.

 However, we feel it cannot hurt anyone to be more aware of drinking patterns which can have a very positive effect on the environment and clean drinking water for EVERYONE!

One water filter cleans 7000 l. of polluted water. The sealed buckets are safe and hygienic water storages. No dust or insects can enter. The tabletop filter has a tap to pour the drinking water.

Let dirty water pass the innovative water filter, invented by a Dutch professor, and enjoy pure and healthy drinking water. Already after a few minutes after pouring it inside the top bucket.

No more carrying of heavy bottles!

Prevents diseases

and reduces the risk of diarrhea!

The water filter has an ISO quality certificate and received a World Health Organisation Award. Several countries have tested the quality of the filtered water and provided positive results.

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