The founder of irmakunda

This is me, Trice Sawaneh, founder of the Irmakunda Fund Gambia in 2002, named after my beloved grandmother

In 1996 I fell in love with Gambia after a holiday and came back to stay within two months, packed a small bag and took my racing bike along!

Ready for a New Adventure…

I hardly knew the country or anyone, rent a house and in the course of time I built up a second life, exchanging stays in Holland and Gambia up ‘till today!

After a while I met Momodou Sawaneh and we got married, have children and grew into a lovely family. Together we expanded Irmakunda. Since 1999 we started several projects like the school for children and adults, food program and a football club. We added the second football field in Bakoteh to start the children competition.

Our projects involved many people, improved their education and well-being and created a lot of employment. I am grateful for the input of Mo Sawaneh, with him all the volunteer work had results and Irmakunda became succesful. I thank the many partners, sponsors and members of our Foundation that have done a lot and still make our activities possible. Also I would like to mention that we literally make a foundation and most of our projects are taken over by the community and people of Bakoteh.

We will continue new projects and believe in the great cooperation with the people of the Gambia.